On a whim yesterday, I put the Redmi 9 mobile phone sideways on the mobile phone bracket of the Yadi electric-moto, and used it as a recorder to shoot video.

When I got home, it looked good…

So I edited the video, then upload it to site.

It is for friends who have never been to Xi’an but are interested in Xi’an and want to travel. Let friends appreciate the real city style of Xi’an in advance.

Since I was riding on the way home to record videos, I didn’t go to tourist attractions specifically… Mainly because I don’t have this plan, time, energy… When one day I am free, I will go to the tourist attractions in Xi’an to take some videos for everyone and share it.

ps: red rice 9 only has a maximum of 1080p x 30FPS, I feel that sometimes the frame rate is still a little less, and it may be better to change a mobile phone later…

B Site:https://www.bilibili.com/video/BV1T54y1Z7Wz


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The last sentence of advertisement: enjoy the real Xi’an Jiaming’s real record~~

Well, I feel that this sentence is well designed, hahaha…complacent…

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