I just felt that the wontons I ate in the morning were not full, so I ate a red jujube Zong Zi. This stuff is really sweet and greasy. And after eating this zongzi, I feel even more hungry, and now I really want to eat meat zongzi!

Duan Wu Jie(The Dragon Boat Festival) is approaching. I remember that the great patriot Qu Yuan died by throwing himself into the Mi Luo Jiang. In order to prevent fish and worms from eating his remains, the people made Zong Zi to feed the fish. These zongzi must be filled with meat, Because fish do not eat vegetarian food, right?

So from this logical reasoning, we can know that all Zong Zi that are not meat are heretical~

Now I am very curious about the Zongzi Festival, what kind of stuffed Zongzi do you eat?

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